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My Autistic Child

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Thank you very much for letting me write about autistic children.

My son is now 8 years old. I found out that he had autism when he was 1.5 years old at the child health clinic. I was totally lost & didn't even know what autism was. I tried to group him to normal kids at pre-nursery but somehow even the teacher said my child seemed different from the rest. He was special & very different with no eye contact, no speech & always love to look at spinning things. These are a sign for autism.

Eventually he was diagnosed at the child assessment centre which we waited for over half a year & also I decided he should go to a special kindergarten school for improving his behavior, speech & social skills which are the typical aspects to autism. Usually they lack speech or delayed by few years & social skills which always play by themselves. According to loads of research, it's the developmental problem of the brain that affects these children.

As well as going to special school, I also took him to private training in speech therapy, sensory therapy, music therapy and anything that could help my son recover from this illness.

But as days goes by, I accepted the fact that autism cannot be cured but only improve. My son has improved tremendously although his speech & social skills still need a lot of improvement. These special schools have very good training for these special people.

The main improvement for these autistic children is not to give up on them, give them love & attention and really listen & understand their needs. They are really gifted child & everyone of these children are different from another. No scientist has any idea what cause autism but if you do found out your child is different or have the following signs to what my son had then please seek advise ASAP as the earlier they get treated the earlier they can improve. 

Please do more research online to learn more about autistic children and how you can help them. I know a lot of parents still cannot face the fact but try to understand them & be patient. I know that there are loads of cures such as mercury test, acupuncture on the head & tongue, chiropractic or even Chinese medicine but please let your child decide what's best for him and never be forceful.

Finally whatever treatment you give to these special children, love is also important. 

Please kindly note that World Autism Awareness Day is on 02 April 2012.

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  • HiHi
    HiHi 2012-02-08 10:15
    love is also important<-- It's so touching!! Add Oil, we support you
  • 精神科專科醫生黎大森
    There are lot of studies tried to find out the gene and brain structure that caused the illness. Will find out the effective way in treating this group of child in the future. Be positive!