Words written by kissing

標籤缠缠绕绕  2020-03-22 12:45
Love is like a cup of wine. Whoever drinks it is drunk. It can be seen that the word "feeling" is sad. Heartless but can be sentimental, sentimental anti be merciless injury. Since ancient times, there has been a lot of love and spare hate, and we are ashamed to be sentimental. In fact, this is the way people are. When they have little hope, they will be very painful and afraid of not catching the little warmth. But if there is no pursuit, too easy, and often feel that this life has been meaningless empty and lonely. Often after a mood, into another mood when. We may feel that the environment we were in was just a fragment, a necessary existence, and a deep memory after that. Nothing is impossible. Loneliness is not alone, at least accompanied by words. Emotional loneliness is not sad, sad is that I am easily moved but not touched by others, so I am indecisive. There are not many good people in the world, and friends are just heart to heart, sick to see a doctor, unhappy to comfort themselves. Life is nothing more than the environment and mentality we create. There are too many helplessness in life, which can only be expressed inadvertently. I think love is a kind of trust, I don't need how much better she is, as long as there is a kind of spiritual fit. I don't know if I used the wrong method or other reasons. Always trapped in a confused hesitation. To pursue perfection and fear failure, always detour in the waste, and escape in the reality. I always sit in the dormitory, writing a page of text, what kind of people, what kind of mentality to write what kind of text. Don't know why? The first feeling is pain, maybe only pain will be peaceful. Once, now, in the future. Time has been wasted, who can guarantee what, who can guarantee that their heart can be as still as water? Suddenly, they will be excited, I don't know whether there will be that kind of instant hesitation. What can't stop is not the depth and shallowness of love, but the endless time. The longer you stay, the more you'll save. I'm afraid the deeper the injury. Is there really that kind of eternal love in the world? I'm afraid there's nothing more than hurt. I found a spare one when I hurt you. When I hurt you, I turned that spare one into a formal one. I played it again and again until I was tired. Then I found a noisy one to be old. I'm a harsh person. I don't want to have hurt love. I don't want what I want. Even if I want to come back, it's no longer perfect. What's more, we are all emotional people. Light life, light love, light and the beating heart. After many years in this place, it's not as good as the smoke ring in my hand. It's just a smoke soon. It dissipates quickly. What dissipates is actually a kind of crazy enthusiasm, and what is persistent will not be persistent. It's all the same. There is no real eternal thing in the world. What is eternal is just a feeling, because it is impossible to achieve it. Choose to forget, maybe it's easy to forget, but this time I forget the forgotten itself; why every miss is a miss that is hard to catch up with, why every reality can't surpass the ordinary reality. Looking at these seemingly rather than seemingly written words, it's like a kind of intentional or unintentional statement,


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