A few sunsets

2020-03-21 14:58
dusk. The setting sun shone obliquely on the mottled window lattice, and the ray of light passed through the incomplete glass window and stained the blue cloth curtains that had been washed off-white. The shadow of the tree swinged back and forth on the curtains. Sometimes hazy, sometimes clear, sometimes sparse, and sometimes dense, like moving picture pictures that change constantly.
Mengzhu bit the rubber end of the pencil and stared unconsciously at the shaky shadow on the curtain. Then, I looked down at the household ledgers spread out on the table: food, fuel, condiments, utilities, petty, education, medicine, entertainment ... the items in the budget didn't seem to be reduced. The total of the projects has become such a huge number, the difference between revenue and expenditure seems to be larger than a month. Biting her pencil, she stared blankly at her account book. How could she break even? This seems to be the most difficult science. As a housewife for nearly two decades, she still can't keep the expenditure within the budget. After sitting there for a long time, she resolutely held the pencil, and determined to tick off the entertainment item. At the same time, her eyes seemed to float immediately with Xiaobai's eyes wide open to her, and her open hand.
"Mom, Harlem basketball team!" What about Xiaotong? The child who never made too much demands occasionally timidly said, "Mom, Gu Demei asked me to go to the movies!"
Can these all be ignored? But how do you manage it? Even if there is no entertainment, it is still not balanced. She thought about it, rewritten the number of the petty one, and looked at it, it was really inevitable. Unless the standard of food is lowered, she knows that food can no longer be reduced. Xiao Tong has an anemia tendency, Ming Yuan's body is not good, and Xiao Bai is also the age of development. He has to go up five centimeters every six months and is in need of nutrition. Anyway, just counting, just one sentence, home is not enough, and how to change and calculate as you like, is not enough.
The shadow of the tree on the curtains faded, but the dusk gradually thickened. Mengzhu jumped up suddenly and looked at the shabby alarm clock on the table. It's more than five o'clock, why is it more than five at a glance? Mingyuan and the children will be back soon. Xiaobai must enter the house to have dinner. She hurriedly put the books into the drawer and turned into the kitchen. The kitchen was so small that it couldn't be any narrower, and gas filled the room, making people cough when they entered. This kitchen was built on the original eaves. The public house allocated this Mingyuan dormitory. There were originally only two six-seater rooms, with the kitchen and toilet behind. Xiaotong and Xiaobai didn't matter when they were young. The Mingyuan couple lived in the front room and let a pair of children live in the back room. However, as the child grew older, he could not squeeze an 18-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old son into a room. So, as a last resort, they spent a little money to open up the original kitchen and toilet, changed it into a house for Xiaobai, and set up a kitchen and toilet in the back, so the kitchen was so small that it couldn't turn around .
As soon as Mi Tao was put on the briquette stove, Mengzhu heard the door rang. In order to avoid the trouble of opening the door, the four people in the family each had the key to open the door. Mengzhu listened to her ears. She liked this moment. She liked the sound of footsteps and actions to judge who came back. This was a secret enjoyment for her. Her life was built on those three people, and no matter which one's footsteps, it could cause her a hazy and fuzzy joy. The people who came in were soft and meticulous. She heard the sound of gently opening the paper door, and the sound of shelving her schoolbag. Then, a series of slow and frivolous footsteps came towards the kitchen door. Then, a feminine and quiet face of the woman reached into the kitchen, her dark face was embedded with dark eyes, Mengzhu opened a quiet and calm smile. "Mom, I have something to tell you."
"Come in, help me pick some condiments." Mengzhu said, giving Xiaotong a gentle glance. She is glad that Xiao Tong is the first one to return. Recently, she often longs to have time with her daughter alone. I'm afraid to talk about nothing, just look at her, look at her maturing figure and increasingly beautiful face. It is the pride of mother to have a beautiful daughter. Although she also knew that Xiao Tong wasn't really "very" beautiful, Xiao Tong was too thin and quiet, not lively enough, or "outstanding". However, in the eyes of a mother, she was already beautiful enough.
Xiao Tong came in and took the vegetable basket to sit on the small stool at the door of the kitchen to pick, because the kitchen was too small to accommodate two people. Mengzhu glanced at her daughter again, Xiaotong's eyebrows were slightly locked, and her thin lips were closed tightly. Mengzhu was familiar with this expression, which meant that something was difficult to say.

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