New MegaCortex Ransomware Found

2019-05-07 12:10

A completely new ransomware continues to be found known as MegaCortex that is certainly focusing on company networks plus the workstations on them. Once a network is penetrated, the attackers infect the entire community by distributing the ransomware using Home windows domain controllers.

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In a new report, Sophos has said which they have witnessed consumers within the United states of america, Italy, Canada, France, the Netherlands, and Ireland currently being infected using this type of new ransomware.

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As this can be a relatively new ransomware, not a lot is at this time regarded about its encryption algorithms, exactly how attackers are getting access to a network, and irrespective of whether ransom payments are now being honored.
The MegaCortex Ransomware
As Sophos has located the Emotet or Qakbot Trojans have been current on networks which have also been infected with MegaCortex, it may propose which the attackers are shelling out Trojan operators for obtain to infected devices in a similar fashion as Ryuk.

"Right now, we can not say for particular whether the MegaCortex assaults are being aided and abetted because of the Emotet malware, but up to now inside our investigation (which can be nevertheless ongoing as this submit goes reside), there is apparently a correlation concerning the MegaCortex assaults as well as existence to the identical network of equally Emotet and Qbot (aka Qakbot) malware."

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Though it truly is not 100% apparent how bad actors are getting access to a community, victims have reported to Sophos which the attacks originate from the compromised domain controller.

About the area controller, Cobolt Strike is currently being dropped and executed to build a reverse shell back to an attacker's host.

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Utilizing this shell, the attackers remotely achieve obtain to the domain controller and configure it to distribute a copy of psExec, the key malware executable, and also a batch file to most of the desktops over the network. It then executes the batch file remotely via psExec.

The batch files found by Sophos will terminate forty four distinctive processes, end 199 Home windows solutions, and disable 194 companies.

BleepingComputer was informed by Sophos researcher Andrew Brandt which the winnit.exe executable will be launched with base64 encoded string as an argument. Utilizing the right argument will bring about the malware to extract a random named DLL and execute it working with rundll32.exe.


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New MegaCortex Ransomware Uncovered

Targeting Business Networks

The batch documents found by Sophos

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