TimesLIVE has established that the lawful firm was still waiting

2019-03-11 20:16

Edward Zuma slapped with lawsuit for 'unpaid' legal expenses soon after hate speech courtroom situation
Right after settling his long-overdue wonderful for insulting two senior ANC leaders, former president Jacob Zuma’s controversial son, Edward, has become facing a lawsuit for unpaid authorized fees with the lawyers who represented him all through his loathe speech situation in Durban’s Equality Courtroom.

Zuma has become slapped by using a R45,662 lawsuit by SP Mncwango & Company, a Durban firm of attorneys, which represented him for the duration of the case. The summons against Zuma was issued on February 28.

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In their particulars of claim, his legal professionals said they were instructed by Zuma to defend him following the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) asked Durban’s Equality Court to find him guilty of dislike speech. He was ordered to pay a great of R100,000 to a non-governmental organisation.

Edward Zuma's attorneys pocket money meant to pay despise speech great
Edward Zuma did not pay the outstanding amount of his wonderful for loathe speech due to a dispute with his lawyer.
NEWS 1 month ago
However, this amount was later reduced to R60,000 and Zuma agreed to split the money between Umthombo Secondary School in Howick and Ohlange Secondary School in Inanda.

But his attorneys said in the summons that despite a statement of account submitted to Zuma on February 5 for the work they had done, amounting to R45,662, which was followed by a letter of demand which was due to be hand-delivered to him on February 11, he has failed to pay the lawful expenses.

However, TimesLIVE has established that the lawful firm was still waiting for feedback within the sheriff on whether Zuma had been located to receive the letter of demand.

Now the legal professionals are demanding interest on the amount at a rate of 15,5% from February 28 to the date of final payment, as well as costs for the lawsuit.

A day before the matter was set to go back to court docket last month, Zuma’s attorneys told Durban’s Equality Court docket in a letter that their client had settled his debt soon after making an outstanding payment of R12,500.LEE Sung yan Hazel

Edward Zuma goes AWOL right after short-paying detest speech fines
The South African Human Rights Commission went to court on Tuesday morning for a warrant of arrest for Edward Zuma after he failed to fully pay a ...
NEWS 3 months ago
On December 22 2018, the court docket ordered Zuma to pay the R60,000 within 30 days or explain to the courtroom why a warrant for his arrest should not be issued.

A month later, the courtroom heard that Zuma had paid the outstanding R12,500 for Ohlange into his lawyer’s trust fund. However, the legal firm assumed that it was a portion of charges owed to them by Zuma and did not pass on the money. He had already paid Umthombo and owed Ohlange R12,500.


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Edward Zuma slapped with lawsuit for 'unpaid' legal service

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